About Us

Clarity365 is powered by Data Clarity and here, you’ll find information about our organisation and the people making it special.


Our Story 

We are a bright and passionate group of people who understand data management. We apply our core values of innovation and integrity with a personal approach, investing in our employees and developing a deep understanding of our clients’ unique business challenges. A strong company ethos of providing high-quality products and excellent service has led to valuable, long-lasting client relationships and new product development.

Data Clarity empowers companies to focus on their business objectives through our award-winning cloud-based systems. We specialise in transforming data into actionable business insights, streamlining business workflows, and automating and simplifying data processes.

Our Values

Find out what matters to us most through our values manifested below.

All-Star Customer Support

Our team is made up of experts who feel passionate about what they do. Offering a helpful hand whenever a customer needs it. We develop a deep understanding of our clients’ unique business challenges.  


We continue to deliver in line with the response to our changing world.

Enhance Employee Work Life

 We offer a consistent experience for all employees to be recognised and review performance. Workload allows employees to do jobs well and a good work/life balance to improve productivity and help employees to stay motivated. 


Expertise & Flexibility

Our experienced team specialise in data management, solution design and implementation. Our tailored solutions are designed to be unique to your business requirements.

Integrity & Service

We implement a strong honesty and ethical policy throughout our organisation. We put our customers first with quality UK-based customer support and online ticketing.

Security & Trust

We value long-term relationships with our customers and market-leading industry partners. This is why it is so important for us that our UK-based data centre and our data practices are all ISO 27001 accredited.

Why Us?

We are data experts and software developers who create bespoke, award-winning business solutions since 2011 to improve the efficiency of daily tasks processed by your business. In fact, we developed Clarity365 for our internal business needs as we wanted to run our admin-related processes from one place. We built every module on sophisticated technology while making it user-friendly. This is why we can offer exceptional value at an affordable price point. Clarity365 is all you need to manage time, absence and expenses fast and easy, day after day.



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