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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be charged for my free trial?

No, you won't be charged during your free trial. We don't ask for any payment details from you at any time during your 30 day trial, so there will be no nasty surprises when your trial ends. It's completely up to you to subscribe and continue using the system.


How do I subscribe?

Select one of the free trial options above and complete the sign up form. Once you have your login details, you can manage your subscription from your account itself. Simply login and click the 'Subscribe Now' banner at the top of the page. Choose your plan and enter your payment details.


How can I cancel my free trial?

Because we don't ask you for any payment there is no need to cancel your free trial as there is no obligation for you to continue using it, We may send you a very short survey to ask why and help us improve in the future.


What happens after my free trial period ends?

You will be sent an email to remind you your free trial is coming to an end. If you want to continue using the system you will need to subscribe. Do this by clicking the yellow subscribe banner or by clicking 'Administration' and then 'Subscription Settings' inside the system. You can then enter your preferences and subscribe.


What if I need help during my trial?

The Clarity365 team are always here to help you. As well as our help site you will also be sent useful emails introducing you to the system. If you need anymore help the team are available by web chat, email or phone.


How secure is Clarity365?

Our software has 256-bit security, double that of the online banking standards. This is why we ask you for a security answer in addition to your username and password. Our data centre is in the UK and monitored 24/7. Find out more about our security here.


Can I upgrade my plan?

We provide you with a free trial of our full featured version, Clarity Pro. This allows you to check out all the features before deciding what you would like to subscribe to. You can upgrade your plan at by going to your 'Subscription Settings' where you can add more users or upgrade to a different version. If you need to speak with one of our team to find out which version is best for you and your business, contact us: 03333 1111 00.


Why is the price more than I thought?

You can choose to pay monthly or annually within the subscription settings. Check which option you have selected first. Remember VAT is charged at 20% of the price and is added at the payment stage.

If you have any questions please contact us: info@clarity365.co.uk