“I was very pleasantly surprised by the assistance offered by the team to ensure that Clarity365 met our requirements as best as possible – especially for the price! The response time to emails and enquiries was impressive from the outset and the willingness to consider requests to tailor the system to support our needs was very much welcome.”

Hayley Welsh, Director, Optimat Limited


Established in 1989, Optimat Limited is an independent research and strategy consultancy based in Glasgow that specialises in the areas of innovation and sustainability. It works with a wide variety of clients in the public, private and research sectors in the UK and Europe to support them in a number of key areas: economic development, sustainable business growth and technology commercialisation.

Optimat is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and, although a relatively small organisation, it is important that all business processes support the requirements of its accreditations and can support any internal and external audits.


The Data Problem

Although Optimat was already using timesheet and expense recording software, the fees were growing increasingly expensive. The company required a solution that would be relatively straight forward in tracking work that has been quoted as well as time and expenses against live projects and internal tasks.

It was important to be able to capture the same information as before in a way that suited its internal requirements and would cause minimal disruption during system migration.

There was a particular requirement to ensure its internal sequential project numbering system was carried across from its legacy system as this would prevent having to use a manual process to convert numbering to the new system.

In selecting a more cost-effective solution, it was also essential to Optimat that the software provider offered a good level of customer service and the option to speak to a real person in the UK when needed.

Our Solution

The product most suited to Optimat’s requirements was Clarity 365 timesheet and expense software, particularly as the cost was a fraction of the fee being charges for its existing system.

During initial discussions, Data Clarity ascertained exactly how Optimat used its current system and what its future reporting needs would be.

Due to the configuration of our software, and our in-house development team, we were easily able to add the bespoke changes to the sequential numbering system. The provision of excel templates ensured that existing data could be uploaded easily. This reduced the time and effort required from Optimat. A proactive and supportive approach throughout the transition process ensured someone was always on hand if Optimat had questions or needed assistance.

Overall, this customer focused approach ensured the migration and implementation process was as easy and straightforward as possible and met client objectives.

A special thanks to our account manager for her patience during the transition process. The ‘help’ section on the website was also useful in helping to pull together an internal user guide for staff using the new system.”

Hayley Welsh, Director, Optimat Limited

Overall Benefits

The data exports we helped to modify, bespoke for Optimat, have allowed for some increased efficiency in admin and the processing of expenses. Compared to its previous supplier, the cost savings are significant.

As a small business, Optimat provides a very personal level of service to its clients and has found it refreshing to have this in return. Optimat was very surprised at the high level of customer service we provided when balanced against the overall cost. Our willingness to support adaptations for what it perceived as a very small user of the service was appreciated.