Clique AV

“We looked at several options and trialled one other before choosing Clarity365, it was the most simple and straightforward app for our engineers to use.”

Michael Rampley, Fulfilment Manager at Clique AV

Clique AV supply labour to the Audio-Visual industry covering both Commercial and Residential services. Their UK office supports work across the country as well as in Europe via permanent employees and contractors.

Clique AV wanted a solution that would streamline timesheet and expense information so that it could be monitored more easily internally. Previously they had gathered information on email but instead decided that they required a simple end user interface allowing expenses and timesheets to be completed in the same place. They decided that Clarity365 provided the perfect platform to accomplish this.

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“We have benefited from expenses being input on time meaning we can pass the information to our clients for billing, instead of missing deadlines and not receiving payment. Any issues we had were dealt with in good time by the support team, and I would recommend Clarity365.”

Michael Rampley, Fulfilment Manager at Clique AV