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Claim Expenses

Claim expenses from your phone anywhere, anytime. Upload and attach receipts, add in multi currency and claim mileage all with your smartphone.

Record & Bill Time

Record timesheets straight from your smartphone and assign to customers and projects to bill later.

Book Absence

Book your holiday from your smartphone with our absence feature. Send straight to your manager for instant approval and view the status online later.

Authorise Timesheets, Expenses & Absence

Having to log in to approve items becomes a thing of the past with Clarity365 for mobile. Simply log in and swipe to bulk approve or narrow down to individual claims.

Attach Receipts/ Images

Easily attach images of receipts or supporting documents either from your smartphone album or take a photo inside the app. Make your claim more compliant.

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Make the move to online timesheets

Say goodbye to lost timesheets with Clarity365's online submissions & constant audit trail.

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Online Timesheets

Record your timesheet in a matter of seconds using our cloud-based system. Move your timesheets online and see how quick and easy approvals, customer approvals through email and even absence management can help your business.

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Time Contractors

Bill Time to Clients

Assign your timesheets to clients and projects in a few clicks. Then send these for approval and invoicing instantly.


Customer Approval

Send billable timesheets straight to your clients inbox for approval. They have no log in to remember, simply a link to click & authorise.


Query or Decline

Query or decline users timesheets in real-time. Users can then respond or change their time easily.

Record Sickness

Record Sickness

Enter timesheets for unexpected days off such as sickness or a doctors appointment. Multiple absence reasons & custom times.

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