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Streamline your approval process

Speed up client approvals with our simple authorisation workflow

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Internal and client approvals are made simple with Clarity365. Approve timesheets, expenses and absence as a manager or administrator. You also have the ability to query or decline individual claims. Send billable items to your customers for approval before you invoice, leaving you sure that you will get paid more quickly and without any problems.

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Invoicing Contractors

Online Approvals

Approve from your laptop or mobile with our online approvals. Make bulk approvals quick and easy.

Query or Decline

Query or decline users expenses, timesheets or absence in real-time. Users can then respond or change their claim easily.

Expenses Contractors

Expense Thresholds

Set up expense thresholds and approvers so expenses in a certain range go through to further approval. Improving your expense compliance.

Email Approvals

Email Approvals

Send billable items, quotes and invoices to your customers for approval easily via email. No need to wait days for a paper copy to arrive!

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