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About Data Clarity

Clarity365 is powered by Data Clarity Limited, a cloud based service provider specialising in data driven software and services to a number of industries.  

Our head office is situated in Derbyshire, the heart of the United Kingdom. Our mission is to provide businesses across the world with access to the best cloud based services, so they can concentrate on achieving growth whilst we achieve efficiency.

Data Clarity was founded in 2011 by our co-founders in an apartment in the North of England, Sheffield. Both had a vision of turning vast amounts of data into clear, legible business intelligence. At the time they were contractors/consultants who would advise multinational companies on how to manage their business processes and workforce more productively and efficiently.

The life of a contractor involved business travel, time keeping, business expenses and invoicing clients for the work that was undertaken, which led to a lot of paperwork and thousands of pounds of lost receipts. They yearned for a more efficient way of doing this, a system that could automate more than just accounting, but multiple business processes, and knew just the person that could turn the vision into a reality, Pana. As a Master in Data Management he set about creating a cloud based software solution that would answer the business administration problems they faced on a day to day basis. From this, online expenses, timesheets & invoicing software Clarity365 was born.

Clarity365 provides business owners with real-time insights into their financial position. Built on cutting edge Microsoft Technology, the software is of the highest quality on the market and the most secure. Security is at the heart of everything Data Clarity does which is why our security is double that of the online banking standards meaning you have peace of mind. With his vast array of knowledge and experience in the IT contracting industry, our co-founders have built this with you, the user in mind.

Our software is so versatile that accountants and bookkeepers can view the business owner’s account through user permissions. They are also able to become a partner of Clarity365 and use the software for their bookkeeping or accounting practice.

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Why Choose Clarity365?

Our business software was built with accessibility and ease in mind. Created by our founders who regularly travelled the world meeting clients and conducting business. They saw a  need for one system that would record projects, expenses and time as well as let them have full control over finances. Clarity365 was born. Now our founders enjoy recording their expenses and billing time to clients on-the-go using our handy mobile app. Life is better with Clarity365.

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Multiple Users

Provide secure, restricted access for your employees & contractors.

Integrates with Existing IT

Export all data & integrate with other existing finance packages.

Multiple Companies

Easily switch between companies without logging into separate accounts!

Enterprise Class

Built on Microsoft Technology & backed by 10 years of Microsoft support.

Mobile App

Free Mobile App

Add timesheets, expenses and absences from your smartphone.


Real-time Dashboard

Keep track of your business with our real time dashboard.

Multi Platform

With Clarity365 all you need is an internet connection and you're ready to log in.

Safe and Secure

Safe & Secure

We protect your data with 256-bit security, double that of online banking.

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  • Offers flexibility in the licencing #3

    Offers flexibility in the licencing
    "We chose Clarity365 because of the flexibility offered in the licencing - I pay monthly for a set number of users, and I can increase that quickly at a low cost if I need to. Data Clarity are also a Derby based business, and I have always received a first class service, the team are always quick to respond to any query with positive comments and outcomes." - Education Performance Solutions

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  • The most simple and straightforward app #3

    The most simple and straightforward app
    "We looked at several options and trialled one other before choosing Clarity365, it was the most simple and straightforward app for our engineers to use. We have benefited from expenses being input on time meaning we can pass the information to our clients for billing, instead of missing deadlines and not receiving payment." - Clique AV.

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  • Improved the level of service we offer #3

    Improved the level of service we offer
    "Clarity365 has made things easier for everyone involved, and in turn, has improved the level of service we offer. During the implementation, I felt I relied heavily on the support team, but they were brilliant and ensured a smooth transition." - Ford & Stanley

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