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Simplify your back office processes

Cut your administration time in half with our business software solution

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Discover all of our features from online timesheets & expenses to accounting and reporting. We also make sure your data security is a main priority and provide you with lots of ways to get in touch for support. Explore our full features list below.

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With Clarity365 all you need is an internet connection and you're ready to log in.

Integrates with IT

Integrates with Existing IT

Export all data & integrate with other existing finance packages.

2 Step Authentication

Safe & Secure

You'll always be able to log in safely and securely with our 2 step authentication.

Multiple Users

Multi User

Provide secure, restricted access for your employees & contractors.

Time Management

Online Timesheets

Log in and enter your daily or weekly timesheets for approval.

Customer/ Client Approval

Send billable timesheets straight to your clients inbox.

Bill Time to Clients

Assign timesheets to clients and projects in just a few clicks.

Book Annual Leave

Book your annual leave in a few clicks and sent for instant approval.

Record Sickness

Enter timesheets for unexpected days off with our absence reasons.


Online Expenses

Claim expenses from your laptop or mobile in just a few clicks.

Claim Mileage

Claim your mileage expenses by origin & destination or miles.

Multi Currency

Claim expenses in any currency & convert to your base currency automatically.

Bill to Clients/ Customers

Assign expenses to customer and projects & bill them from the system.

General Ledger Codes

HMRC approved GL codes & the ability to add your own custom codes.

Customisable Exchange Rates

Change exchange rates to your companies own or official rates.


Claim Expenses

Claim general and mileage expenses from your phone anywhere, anytime.

Record Time

Add your timesheets straight from your phone & send instantly.

Book an Absence

Book your annual leave from your smartphone or tablet in a click of a button.


As a manager you can authorise or decline items from your smartphone.

Attach Receipts/ Images

Take a photo of a receipt or supporting document straight from your phone.


Exchange Rates

Change company exchange rates as and when you need to.

Opening Balances

Enter your companies opening balances and keep track of finances.

Generate Payroll

Generate your employee payroll easily and export to your payroll or finance software.

Recurring Expenses

Enter & claim your weekly, monthly or yearly recurring expenses.


Manage and distribute dividends. Add and edit your shareholders & keep track of share types.


Keep track of your existing loans and recurring loan payments easily.

VAT Reporting

Edit VAT rates & create VAT Reports in the click of a button.


Keep a record of your company bank accounts.


Online Invoicing

Send customers invoices straight to their email inbox and get paid quicker.


Create quotes easily from your inventory and email them to customers for approval.

Inventory & Purchase Orders

Add items to an online inventory and add your purchase orders.


Create contracts for your customers to assign time & expenses to.

Print & Export

Export invoices as PDF, CSV or Excel and print straight from the system.

Project Invoices

Create invoices assigned to projects & bill customers for time & expenses related to these.

User Self-Billing

Allow your contractor to create self-billing invoices from already invoiced items and send them to you for approval.

Company Self-Billing

Create self-billing invoices from invoiced items on behalf of your contractors and send them along with payment.

Download Statements

Download invoice statements for specific customers or invoices. Download to PDF or Excel format.

Contacts & Users

Contact Details

Store customer and supplier contact details including phone & address.

Approver Email Addresses

Add separate timesheet & invoice approver emails so items always get who they need to.

Billable Items per Customer

Send billable timesheets and expenses straight to customers.

Assign Projects & Contracts

Assign customers to projects and contracts so you can keep track of costs.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users and allow them to claim their own time & expenses.

Real-time Dashboard

Get full visibility into your business from our real-time dashboards.

Multiple Companies

Add and manage multiple companies from a single log in saving you time.


Add multiple departments and promote users to managers to authorise this departments items.


Get notifications for important events like an expense being queried or an invoice approved.

Free Accountant Access

Grant access to your accountant free of charge so they can keep track of your financials.

Support & Security

Online Help Site

Access our online help site 24/7 for tutorials, videos and FAQ's.

Online Live Chat Support

Talk to our team through our online chat for any questions or queries.

Telephone Support

Our friendly team are only a phone call away for help and support.

Email Support

Send us an email explaining your issue and get a response within 48 hours.

Videos & Guides

Our tutorial videos and guides talk you through step by step.

2 Step Authentication

Double the security of online banking your data will be safe with us.


Data Protection

We protect your data with 256-bit SSL Data Encryption so you know it will be safe & secure.

UK Data Centres

All our data centres are based in the UK and monitored 24/7 for security.

Customisable Reports

We can create you bespoke reports suited to your company.

Fully Customisable Permissions

Customise the level of permissions each user receives from administrator, manager & additional user.

Document Management

Upload and keep track of documents so they are available anywhere.

Free Automatic Updates

All our updates are automatically added to your subscription free.

No Software to Install

Clarity365 is completely cloud based so there's no software installation.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access your account from any device with an internet connection.

Automatic Backups

All your data is automatically backed up and stored for you.

Free Trial - No Card Required

Try a 30 day free, no obligation trial today and see how Clarity365 could help your business.