Clarity365’s New App Engages Employees and Puts Management Back in Control

Clarity365’s New App Engages Employees and Puts Management Back in Control

The working environment is seeing a major shift right now. Visibility of employees activity is more relevant than ever. With an increasing number of people working remotely, boundaries between work and home becoming blurred. Is it possible to manage the business without easy access to all essential data? It’s possible, but it’s also highly inefficient.

This is where technology comes in, the foundation of digital transformation – a phrase that still scares many businesses and raises an eyebrow of those business leaders who’ve been there and seen everything.


Challenges associated with a decentralised workforce won’t magically disappear. The main prize is to stay relevant for the customers, but what if the management is one foot in chasing the tail of never-ending admin tasks? Admin is a money pit, only taking you to the status quo.

There is a distinct call for implementing new business tools that keep the management running their departments smoothly and engage employees. Even from a distance.

Data Clarity saw those changes as a perfect opportunity to revamp their known and trusted timesheet, expense and absence management suite. Especially much work went into developing a mobile app companion that employees can access on the go. A self-serve system not only provides data for management about hours worked and leave, employees location or expenses. It also keeps the staff engaged.

What’s more, input data such as hours or expenses can be allocated against a project and customer and billed. Finally, the time recorded through the app counts as an asset and increases the valuation of the business.


When it comes to mobile app development, user experience is the key focus. A clean and intuitive interface allows instant submission of back-office processes, such as timesheets, expenses and absences, on the go. This flexibility is convenient when employees spend significant time travelling and processing a high volume of expenses.

Moreover, the app scans receipts and calculates the mileage rates, reducing manual input and the potential for human error. The result? Automation significantly reduces the reimbursement cycle and the actual cost of expenses. The easier a software is to use, the more it’s used.


The mobile application facilitates communication between manager and employee when requesting time off, dealing with unplanned leave and providing necessary documents. Good communication is the foundation of a strong team and traceability of approval process provides reference when needed.


Employees can log in securely to the app through a pin password or biometric recognition. In addition, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications ensure that any sensitive data is stored securely.

Data Clarity team are preparing some generous Clarity365 time, expense and absence management suite giveaways as a part of their 11th– anniversary celebrations in January. Kevin Carrick, the CEO, says: “We’d like to empower local businesses and accelerate their digital transformation with software that can be taken outside an office. Keep an eye for announcements on our social media channels”. To enter, message your interest at 

The brand new version of the Clarity365 mobile companion was published in January. It’s available on Android and iPhones to all Clarity365 users and free of charge.

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