How Can Clarity365 Give You a Greater Element of Control? Part 3: Absence Matters

How Can Clarity365 Give You a Greater Element of Control? Part 3: Absence Matters

How Can Clarity365 Give You a Greater Element of Control?

Are you wondering how Clarity365 gives you a greater element of control as a business owner or administrator? Our specially curated blog series focuses on critical aspects of the newest Clarity365 suite version, introducing you to our absence management module, ClarityAbsence and guiding you on how to get started.

Absence management applies to all sizes of businesses and, if not done efficiently, can impact various areas of the business, profitability being a key one. Although absence management has evolved over the last few years, some companies still use manual processes through a traditional calendar and rely on holiday and self-certification sick paper forms. Many organisations manage absence through Excel spreadsheets for paper-free convenience, but this still requires manual input. A lack of traceability gives the perfect conditions for potential errors and delays. What’s more, controlling absence has become tricky due to the increased number of employees being either field-based, remote or requesting flexible hours contracts. Moving absence management to an online, cloud-based platform futureproofs every business.

Clarity365 removes the complexity of managing absence. Being known for data-driven software solutions, Data Clarity have addressed all these challenges and developed the ClarityAbsence module, a new addition to their recently revamped employee management suite.

Employee insights

Easily accessible employee absence records kept in one place provide valuable insights that come in handy for Management. That information enables you to plan appropriately for any staff shortages that you may have, analyse absence patterns or help prepare your projects and workflow precisely. It will also reduce clashes of holiday bookings.

More accurate records

Processing holiday booking requests or sick leave often come with calculation errors and information delays. Multiple rules affect how your employees are paid, and it’s best to keep them as accurate as possible. Failing to pay your staff correctly carries different types of consequences, many of which lead to decreased employee engagement. Sometimes, a business cannot transfer unused holiday balance to the following year. It causes disputes, consumes the time of both parties and generates unnecessary costs for the company.

Accountability for employees

Immediate access to annual leave balance brings to many of us peace of mind, especially when booking last-minute holiday deals or dealing with personal emergencies. Empowering your employees with a self-serve platform removes excuses for submitting requests late and increases engagement overall. In addition, ClarityAbsence provides a concise trail of the conversation when a request needs to be queried or rejected. Finally, accountability contributes to a better work culture because a sense of control brings a sense of safety.

Reduce administration time and reduce errors

Digitising absence management enables you to reduce time and the number of errors associated with double bookings or not authorising annual leave on time. Moreover, having all your information in one place gives a greater level of transparency instead of transferring the data from one place to another, reducing the number of human input errors that could occur. Last but not least, less time spent on admin means your HR and Payroll teams could invest more time in employee-centric activities to make a real difference at your company.


Clarity365 gives you the total visibility of your staff’s absences in real-time through an easy-to-read reporting tool and instant approvals. It’s all about simplicity, affordability and results from day one. With a fully supported technical setup and training, you’ll be ready to start in less than an hour.

Implementing ClarityAbsence at your workplace will help increase your businesses productivity, level of control and profitability. The key features are:

  • Personalised calendars tracking absences.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • From an approver track TOIL, sickness to analyse trends and patterns.
  • Management of annual leave requests at the click of a button.
  • Updated calendars in real-time with custom times and absence reasons.
  • Keeping the information safe and confidential.
  • Free mobile app with the photo capture feature.
  • Two-factor authentication and data security assured by ISO 27001 certification.

Curious how this could work for your company? Contact Clarity365 for your free trial and demonstration today.

Clarity365, powered by Data Clarity, provides you with the ability to manage your business at any time or any place through its cloud-based software and mobile application. We provide you with a single platform suite that includes easy to implement tools for expense, time and absence management. Thus, increasing your businesses productivity, level of control and profitability.