How Can Clarity365 Give You a Greater Element of Control? Part 1: Making the Move to Online Timesheets

How Can Clarity365 Give You a Greater Element of Control? Part 1: Making the Move to Online Timesheets

How Can Clarity365 Give You a Greater Element of Control?

Are you wondering how Clarity365 gives you a greater element of control as a business owner or administrator? Our specially curated three-part blog series focuses on key aspects of the new version of the Clarity365 suite guiding you on how to get started. First, let us introduce you to ClarityTimesheet.

Defining Timesheets 

A timesheet is a method for recording time an employee has spent working for a specific client or fulfilling a project. Requests are sent to managers as soon as an employee submits a timesheet for approval. A timesheet management system keeps track of the number of hours worked, additional overtime and timesheet requests to managers, HR, and payroll.

Recording timesheets traditionally have been done on paper, which then moved digitally with the advent of spreadsheets. Most recently, technologically sophisticated online time-tracking management software allows for fast and easy timesheet management that releases more time for your team to focus on business-critical priorities.

Nowadays, business leadership prioritises profitability, control, and productivity while ensuring all employees are working efficiently. These priorities are possible to achieve with the right toolkit. However, the research highlights that majority of companies have no toolkit in place. According to TechJury, only 17% of people actively track their time, making it challenging to identify and improve work efficiency gaps.

Transitioning to online timesheets is a low-cost and straightforward solution. Moreover, integrated software can make a real difference in admin workload, both short and long term. So, let’s delve into the details and benefits of using ClarityTimesheet.

Introducing Claritytimesheet, as part of the Clarity365 suite.

The Advantages of Online Timesheets 

Reduce Time Wastage by Measuring Employee Productivity

The visibility of your employees’ daily workload will enable you to make more concise decisions regarding future task allocation. In addition, timesheets help identify more time-consuming tasks so you can optimise them. Reducing time wastage allows managers to lead better, prioritise focus, and highlight early signs of a roadblock.

Billing Accuracy

Timesheets give transparency to clients, which is excellent for building trust whilst decreasing the necessity to check the project status. In addition, clients can track the progress and time your company dedicates towards a project, serving as proof of billing accuracy.

Project Costings

The ability to track the costs of the projects is one of the main benefits of using an online timesheet management system. For example, if your business provides services at a fixed fee, you can monitor how much time a project consumes. Such a level of control contributes towards maintaining your business profitability.

Save Money for Your Company

Timesheets provide valuable data to compare employee’s productivity and point out those who may need support. Moreover, identifying low performers allows human resources to intervene on time and helps to avoid missing the project deadline.

Improve Project Management

Timesheets help measure the overall efficiency of your project. For example, analysing time usage, tracking time on a project, and identifying heavy time areas helps monitor the progress of a project, measure your performance, and anticipate potential delays.

Clarity365’s automates timesheet system allowing you to record timesheets in a matter of seconds, make email approvals and monitoring employee absence easily manageable.

Transitioning with ClarityTimesheet to online timesheets management means:

  • Less paper and fewer errors
  • A flexible way of recording hours worked
  • Savings related to time spent on processing savings
  • Instant overview showing real-time data
  • Exportable reports
  • Traceable communication around timesheets approval within the application

To see results for your company, grab our free 30-day-trial here.

Clarity365, powered by Data Clarity Ltd, brings you convenience and simplicity to manage your business at any time or place through its cloud-based software and mobile application. Our customisable suite includes all the right tools to transform processing timesheets, expenses, and absence so that you can increase your businesses productivity, level of control and profitability.