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Manage Your Time, Expense, Absence and Mileage From One Platform

Clarity365 Workforce Management Software helps reduce the cost and time of back-office processes. Ideal for medium and large size organisations.

Say goodbye to paper timesheets, no more lost or damaged paperwork.

Assign timesheets to a project and customer, send for instant approval.

Record time as an asset and increase the value of your business.

Fast-track timesheets for on-the-go workers, or add multiple timesheets for the working week.

Greater visibility and control for management to query, decline or authorise user′s timesheets.

A complimentary project management tool helps to run the business efficiently and monitor its profitability.




Claim expenses on-the-go in just a few clicks.

Go paperless by allowing employees to capture receipts and upload invoices.

Submit general expense and mileage claims in real time.

Easy GL code allocation.

Multi-currency functionality.

HMRC compliant.

Significantly reduce admin and eliminate the potential for human error.

Self-service access for employees to manage absence wherever they are.

Personal dashboard to track absence requests and to plan the year ahead.

Multiple absence reasons & custom times, ensuring all sensitive information is kept confidential.

Real-time updates on holiday entitlement and remaining allowance.

Greater visibility and control for management to be notified and authorise latest requests.

How does Clarity365 Help You?

Whichever combination of our modules you choose, you will notice the difference from day one.

Fast Set-Up

100% cloud-based system saves you time on complicated software installations and expensive hardware add-ons.

Built For You

Choose a single module or combine them into a bespoke suite that caters for your business needs.


Access all areas of Clarity365 during our generous trial. Discover the full functionality of Clarity365 during a free, no-commitment 30-day trial before you buy it. Plus, no credit card needed.

Access From Your Pocket

Instant access from any device. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go.

Extra Protected

Log in safely and securely with our 2-step authentication. 265-Bit Encryption and compliance to ISO 27001 ensure your sensitive data is protected.

No More Silos

Collaborate with your employees & contractors by providing greater visibility through in-system communication tool.

Peace of Mind

Export all data & integrate with other existing finance packages. Our workforce management software integrates with payroll systems seamlessly.

Here When You Need Us

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always ready to help you with your business needs.

New mobile experience, a new design for Clarity365

Scan receipts, add expenses, manage your timesheets, and absences in a few clicks. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!

Available on iOS and Android.


Explore The Customers who Succeed With Us

Want to join the Organisations operating with Clarity365? Discover how our customers have achieved amazing results with our workforce management software.

“Firstly, we looked at several options of workforce management software and trialled one other before choosing Clarity365. It was the most simple and straightforward app for our engineers to use. For example, we have benefited from expenses being input on time which means we can pass the information to our clients for billing. Finally, we avoid missing deadlines and not receiving payment.”

Michael Rampley

Fulfilment Manager | Clique AV

“Above all, I was very pleasantly surprised by the assistance offered by the team. They ensured that Clarity365 met our requirements as best as possible – especially for the price! Secondly, the response time to emails and enquiries was impressive from the outset. Last, but not least, willingness to consider requests to tailor the system to support our needs was very much welcomed.”

Hayley Welsh

Director | Optimat Limited

“The Clarity365 system is brilliant because it is so easy to use. The approval workflows and audit flows are easy to view. It is also easy to check the status of an expense claim at any time. Furthermore, employees have complete visibility of the progress of their claim and view its current status. What’s important, they can chase their line managers for approval, which also saves management time.”

Mark Lindsay

Payroll Manager | EVO Group

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